They Reigned in Spain

PassportThey’re not mentioned in Zagat’s travel guide. They go unmentioned in all World History classes. Despite these oversights, it’s an undisputed fact that one of Spain’s greatest imports was the Dictators. September 27 marks the anniversary of their first ever live gig in Spain, at the En Canal club in Madrid in 1995.

The foundation for the tour of Spain was laid earlier that spring. The band had played 2 “farewell” gigs at CBGBs in May, where they were approached by a promoter who set up the September tour.

Spain and the Dictators immediately started a mutual admiration society, and the band returned for 8 more tours over the late ’90s and early ’00s, to big crowds and bigger purses. There was a reason why the Dics played more gigs in Spain than they did domestically, and that was because they could make more $$$ in a 5 gig tour in Spain than in 20 gigs here at home. Keep THAT in mind the next time you complain about paying an $8 cover to see your favorite band.

The set from 9/27/95:

1.        Haircut and Attitude
2.        Faster and Louder
3.        Baby Let’s Twist
4.        Stay With Me
5.        Tallahassee Lassie
6.        Weekend
7.        Call Me Animal
8.        Next Big Thing
9.        The Party Starts Now
10.        I Am Right
11.        Search and Destroy
12.        New York, New York
13.        You Had It Coming
14.        Two Tub Man
15.        Minnesota Strip
16.        Sonic Reducer
17.        Slow Death
18.        California Sun

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  1. Kurt Wallach

    I am listening to a show recording labelled 9/27/1995 in Bilbao. Based on Dick’s comment about “Wednesday”, that date is right. I only have the initial 45 minutes of the show. Setlist: Master Race Rock, Stay With Me, Science Gone Too Far, Faster & Louder, Haircut & Attitude, Call Me Animal, Weekend, I Stand Tall, Next Big Thing, Party Starts Now, I’m Right. Any info on this? Especially since the date and set list conflicts with the Madrid article.

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