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Happy New Year From the DFFD Blog!

Randall's Island

Aug. 14, 2004: The Dictators at Little Steven's Underground Garage Festival, Randall's Island, NYC Photo by CJ Scioscia

As we bid farewell to 2009 and the first decade of the millennium — and unplug the computer and prepare to make merry — we at the DFFD Blog are putting off opening that bottle of delicious red long enough to reflect on some of the finer moments the Dictators brought us in the last 10 years:

The release of D.F.F.D. The band’s first album in two decades made many critics’ year-end lists in 2001, and without a doubt made our entire year. In fact, it was so damned good it sustains us still.

A hot set at Little Steven’s Underground Garage Festival. The boys wowed ’em in Randall’s Island (click to supersize the photo above). Spinning stage, humongous screen, large crowd, media frenzy — that’s how the ‘Tators team deserves to roll.

Two memorable shows during CBGB’s last weekend. The last band standing pulls off a pair of fitting tributes to the punk rock palace. We just hope we weren’t also saying farewell to stateside shows by our heroes.

And this:

We sign off hoping beyond hope for more such Dictators delights in the near future, but most of all we wish you — our fellow fans with the finest taste in music — the happiest and healthiest of new years.

Talk to ya in ’10!




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Fingers and Steel, Baby! Our Picks for the Top 10 Ross the Boss Solos

Ross at CBGB

CBGB, New York City, Dec. 5, 2003

We here at DFFD are used to doing impossible things every day. Yesterday, we made a dodo egg omelet for breakfast. Today, we attempt something even more ridiculous: We’re rating the top 10 Ross the Boss solos. What’s that you say? “Outrageous!! It can’t be done!! It’s like going to the Louvre, and declaring this Da Vinci is way better than that Da Vinci over there!’” Well, pooh-pooh and hubba hubba, we laugh at your concerns, bwahaha. We’re doing it anyway.

Ground rules:

1. Dictators + MWK material only. The “best solos in Manowar” post will have to wait for another writer on another day. Fans of Shakin’ Street, Heyday or the Spinatras will also have to wait for their time to shine.

2. Since no 2 RTB solos are ever the same, we’re restricting things to studio or live albums, otherwise we’ll be here all week. Maybe you have time to go through 100 bootleg versions of “Two Tub Man” to find the best one, but I sure don’t.

3. No technical jibber-jabber is allowed. It either rocks or it doesn’t rock.

Without any further ado, show us where you live, Ross:

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