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The Next Next Next Big Thing?


Maybe there is hope for our future. At least this video of youngsters performing a Dictators cover has us believing it’s possible the doomsday prognosticators were wrong. These kids from suburban New York’s Westchester School of Rock bring a little edumacation to the masses with their version of “The Next Big Thing,” complete with this-is-just-a-hobby intro rap.

The littlest dude may have the biggest rock & roll ‘tude, but we love that they got the kid with the most ‘fro to take the lead vocals. Check it out:

— DFFD123

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It’s a MANITOBA House Party!!

For this week’s YouTube Tuesday: a little “Pussy and Money,” a lotta “Haircut and Attitude”! Click to watch a bit of MANITOBA’s performance in their Live at Drew’s house concert last weekend in N.J. Full report coming soon …

— DFFD123

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YouTube Tuesday: Manitoba Saves the Queen

Here’s Handsome Dick Manitoba fronting Guns ‘N Roses (!) performing “God Save the Queen” in front of a couple thousand lucky people at NYC’s Best Buy Theater during the Road Recovery Benefit on Sept. 13.

And, in case you missed it, here’s a link to video of HDM, GN’R and the MC5’s Wayne Kramer kicking out the jams from the same night!

— DFFD123

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YouTube Tuesday: Cleveland 2002

Is there any more beautiful sight than the four guys rocking out gathered together at the front of the stage?

(NB: This is a rhetorical question. Please don’t spam me with pix from Adriana Lima’s new Victoria’s Secret shoot. I’ve already seen them all.)

Thanks to Chip Zepp for the video!

— DFFD123

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YouTube Tuesday: Get It While You Can!

According to billboards along the highway (I-95, north and south!), May 21st is Judgment Day. To help ease your ensuing pain and suffering, Andy Shernoff has released a new song: “Are You Ready To Rapture?”

The full-fledged video will arrive in the summer — if there is a summer! — but click above to listen to the track in full now. You can also download it for free at!


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YouTube Tuesday: Irving Plaza Three-for-All

More YouTube heroics courtesy of MonkeyBeat! Enjoy a trio of vintage performances from NYC’s Irving Plaza on Feb. 7, 1981:

“Science Gone Too Far” and “Weekend”

“New York, New York” and “The Minnesota Strip”

“No Tomorrow”, “Loyola” and “What Goes On”

— DFFD123

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YouTube Tuesday: We’re Here for the Drums

J.P. is once again backing up Television founder Richard Lloyd, this time for his first-ever solo show in the United Kingdom, Oct. 8 in London (more info here). For this installment of YouTube Tuesday, here’s a little taste of what you can expect, England, courtesy of video taken at a show a year ago in Madison, Wis.

— DFFD123

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