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More Hair Than a Barbershop Floor

Can we nominate Bill Graham for sainthood and be done with it? After years and years of having no live footage of the 6-man line-up available except for 1 tune from the Old Grey Whistle Test, Wolfgang’s Vault comes across with an entire 50-minute set, from Winterland in San Francisco on 7/30/77. Fantastic quality, multiple cameras, many Jewfros, arena stage moves by the galore. Grab a beer, and prepare to be amazed:

Wolfgang’s Vault: The Dictators

— Salvi C.


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Hmm … Any Guesses Where This Is?

From Cityrag:

Where the Hell Are We?

— DFFD123

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Now This Is an Idea We Can Get Behind

Join us in joining the new Facebook group It’s About Time For The DICTATORS To Do A Gig in NYC!!

Facebook screen shot

— DFFD123

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Facebook Fans: We Stand Tall

Share your thoughts, photos, videos and random “Back to Africa” shout-outs with other like-minded souls at the Dictators page on Facebook:

The Dictators

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Top Ten Talks the Talk

Scott discusses everything from the Del-Lords reunion, politics, the Yankees (14-7) and the Buddy Holly box set in his latest blog entry on the Del-Lords official site.

He also talks the prominent mention he and the Dictators got at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony last month, courtesy of Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong:

I got more phone calls and emails in the next coupla weeks from that little incident than I think I had in any two week period of my life. I heard from folks I hadn’t heard from in 20 years! This one from here, and that one from there, and another one, and a cousin and….Oy, vey!

Read the rest of Top Ten’s musings here:

OK, That Was Fun, Now What?

— DFFD123

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Del-Lords: Whole Lotta Somethin’ Goin’ On

Del-Lords Based on a True Story coverAs Scott promised last month, major activity is ramping up in Del-Lords World, hot on the heels of expanded reissues of their entire back catalog.

They’ve just launched a new official website,, in which they confirm work on a new recording and tease the denizens of Spain with hopes of a tour in 2010.

Our hero, meanwhile, rallies the troops on his hot-off-the-press Top Ten Blog:

“A new Del-Lords record. These are all new songs, featuring, you guessed it, two guitars, bass and drums, and a whole lot of vocalizing from one and all. We are not reinventing the Rock’n’Roll wheel, for it is round enough. Just some good solid pitching, alert defense, timely hitting and smart base running, as always. A combination that has worked since the damn thing was invented, and shows no sign of breaking down yet.”

Enjoy the rest here: Top Ten Blog.

— DFFD123

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