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Top Ten Talks the Talk

Scott discusses everything from the Del-Lords reunion, politics, the Yankees (14-7) and the Buddy Holly box set in his latest blog entry on the Del-Lords official site.

He also talks the prominent mention he and the Dictators got at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony last month, courtesy of Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong:

I got more phone calls and emails in the next coupla weeks from that little incident than I think I had in any two week period of my life. I heard from folks I hadn’t heard from in 20 years! This one from here, and that one from there, and another one, and a cousin and….Oy, vey!

Read the rest of Top Ten’s musings here:

OK, That Was Fun, Now What?

— DFFD123

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For Those About To Rock . . .

For those of you planning to kick it old school with the Master Plan this Friday and Saturday and during their upcoming two-week tour of Spain, we share a taste of the band’s recent live action, courtesy of Veer Magazine.

[Edited to add: The Spanish dates have been updated here.]

Maximum respect!

— DFFD123


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Talking to the Animal

Mark the AnimalMy esteemed colleague Salvi C. brought this illuminating interview with former Dictators bassist, and current Twisted Sister, Mark “the Animal” Mendoza to my attention. From the Twisted Sister website, the article — of indeterminate age — features a wealth of nuggets from possibly the only person on the planet who refers to Andy Shernoff as “the keyboard player.”

On hearing The Dictators Go Girl Crazy! for the first time:

“I listened to it and thought it was the worst crap I ever heard! And I said that there’s no way I’m playing in this band. I’m sorry. I’m just not playing this crap.”

On how he impacted the band:

“When I joined the Dictators I kind of changed their style of music. All of a sudden these guys had to play pretty hard to keep up with me. It was like all of a sudden ‘super charging’ the band.”

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