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What I Crave: White Castle Scented Candles

White Castle candleDictators Nation rejoices at the latest item to hit the free market: candles infused with the scent of a White Castle slider, onions and all. The good news? The 10 bucks it costs goes to charity (Autism Speaks). The bad news? They’re all already sold out.

There’s talk of another shipment come the holidays, but if you can’t wait, there’s always eBay — presumably without those proceeds going to charity.

— DFFD123

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Hot Vinyl on eBay: This Is Not a Test

Test pressingTest pressing
Head to eBay now for a chance at this test pressing from the Teeter collection:

The Dictators Test Pressing Sleepin with the TV on edit
Ultra RARE Allied Record Company Punk Science Gone Too Far

— DFFD123

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All I Want for Christmas Is . . .

eBay poster

. . . No, no, not this page of the August 1977 issue of New Wave magazine.

No, I want a time machine. Set for the date: July 30, 1977.

And a plane ticket to S.F.

But if you’d settle for the magazine, it’s selling (for a pretty penny) on eBay right now:


— DFFD123

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