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It’s Shatner’s World. We All Just Live in It.


Dr. Demento has always been way up there on the list of people I wanted to punch. I love the silly as much as the next guy (and there’s 8 years of that in this blog’s archives), but there’s a proverbial fine line between clever and stupid, and he never seemed to know where that line was.

In the classic sense of the blind dog finding a bone, Dr. D’s latest CD of reinterpretations of punk classics is ridiculous fun, and in one fell swoop almost absolves the good doctor for inflicting Weird Al on the world.

The highlight of the CD is the tease track of William Shatner’s version of the Cramps’ “Garbageman,” and it features Dictators NYC alumnus Dean Rispler (AKA the only man in NYC rock history with hair as epic as original Cramps guitarist Bryan Gregory) on guitar.

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The ‘Next Big Thing EP’ Is an Instant Party!

Dictators Next Big Thing EP label

Christmas arrived early this year with Black Friday’s release of the Dictators’ ‘Next Big Thing EP.’

Andrew W.K. did a fantastic job with his three remixes. I’m hearing details and flourishes that were previously buried, and he compliments each tune with organ or piano parts. The rhythm section gets a lot of love here–Stu now plays lead drums on NBT, and Andy’s bass is much higher in the mix of “Weekend.”

The three outtakes are a complete head rush. This version of “Backseat Boogie” is a monster and blows the familiar demo version out of the water! The early take of NBT has Andy singing, “They didn’t know we were DUDES!” Finally, the instrumental version of “Weekend” is rifftastic and will undoubtably serve as a karaoke bed for upcoming holiday parties.

I can’t overstate how much fun this EP is. For diehard fans of the band, this release is akin to a religious zealot being given a newly found Dead Sea Scroll.

— Salvi C.

Andrew W.K. and Andy Shernoff Discuss the ‘Go Girl Crazy!’ Remixes


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The Next Next Next Big Thing?


Maybe there is hope for our future. At least this video of youngsters performing a Dictators cover has us believing it’s possible the doomsday prognosticators were wrong. These kids from suburban New York’s Westchester School of Rock bring a little edumacation to the masses with their version of “The Next Big Thing,” complete with this-is-just-a-hobby intro rap.

The littlest dude may have the biggest rock & roll ‘tude, but we love that they got the kid with the most ‘fro to take the lead vocals. Check it out:

— DFFD123

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Dueling Tributes!!

If you’re one of the many Spanish fans of the Dictators, but were unable to make it to a Manitoba show on their recent tour, Chaqueteros will be doing a tribute set at Atiza in Madrid.

Then hop in your personal jet, and get to Fresno, where Manifest Destiny will be doing a set at the Starline. If the band is half as good as their posters, then I want to go to there.

— Salvi C.

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Didn’t McDonald’s Start This Way?

Let’s see now: We now have Faster and Louder in Boston, the Cancertators in Spain, the Handsome Dicz in Wisconsin, and now Manifest Destiny in California. 2 more, we can file for corporate status, and global domination will finally be ours!! Personally endorsed by our own Top Ten, Manifest Destiny plays their farewell gig on Tuesday July 26 at the Starline in Fresno.

— Salvi C.


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Put Down ‘Guitar Hero,’ Here’s the Real Thing

For all of you budding RTBs out there, our Hanukkah gift for the day is the chord changes to the “Bloodbrothers” album, plus a couple extra.

This was Fritz “The Boss” Erikson’s cheat sheet from the “Faster and Louder” 2009 tribute set. It’s about time for another gig, guys.

Here’s Faster and Louder blazing their way through “Young, Fast, and Scientific.” Richie Parsons and Fritz have been doing this one since the Band 19 days, and it has never failed to smoke!  

— Salvi C.

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It’s Not the Next Big Thing, But It Is the Next Best Thing

While we love and appreciate every single cover version of Dictators tunes we’ve heard, we especially appreciate those versions where the original tune gets a different interpretation.

As today’s Hanukkah gift to you, our readers, here are a few covers that go the extra mile.

This version of WWSRAR adds an interesting ambient intro. The band is the Stowaways.

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Four Times the Manitoba, Four Times the Fun

Handsome Dickz Handsome DickzHow can you not love Halloween? Throw on some zombie make-up or pink hot pants, and even the meekest shlub gets to indulge their inner wildman.

The Motorz, those shy and retiring wallflowers from America’s #1 party town, Madison WI, took advantage of this year’s Halloween to give voice to their inner Handsomeness. It was the Frequency’s Halloween bash, and The Handsome Dickz were the guests of honor before a crowd of Mexican wrestlers and women in chicken costumes.

It was non-stop Manitoba Madness!! The guys had obviously spent time listening to HDM’s spoken word cds, because the raps were as entertaining as the music was. Mad-town was taken to task over being the back-pack capital of the world, and the audience was constantly reminded what an honor it was for them to see the band. It’s always a good thing when the band is having as much fun as the crowd.
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