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There Is No Such Thing As Too Much Handsome Dick

Buckfest 2010

Lay-dees and Gentle-men! Tonight’s headline bout is a no-holds-barred, 7-man tag-team match! In this corner, from Parts Unknown, wearing the Mexican wrestling masks, and weighing in at a combined 57 stones: Handsome Brian, Handsome Nobbler, and Handsome Rick Sticks, formerly known as Los Coyote Men, now collectively known as The Handsome Dicks. The Handsome Dicks are flogging their debut EP, “Do The Chupacabra Stomp With The Handsome Dicks,” and can be seen on Saturday, 10/24, as part of Buckfest 2010. Check ’em out if you’re on that side of the pond. (I have no idea why they changed the band name. Maybe they didn’t want to pay their back dues to the Federacion di Lucha Libre.)

And in THIS corner, from Madison, WI, wearing matching flannel and Bucky Badger sweatshirts, weighing in at a combined 720 lbs (723 if they’ve had breakfast), Kyle Motor, Dan Motor, Aaron Motor, and Josh Motor, usually known as The Motorz, Wisconsin’s finest purveyors of sweet and hot r & r, but who for the evening of Saturday, Oct. 30, when they play an all-Dictators set at the Frequency in Madison, will be known as The Handsome Dickz.    

If you find yourself at the Frequency gig, come up and say “Hi Sal” to any of the 3 large men who will be up front on the Ross side. The next beer will be on me. Offer void to former Olympians.

— Salvi C.

The Frequency

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Shernoff single

Out now: Andy Shernoff’s split single on Norton Records celebrating the Rolling Stones. Order yours here.

— DFFD123

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A Spanish Spin on ‘Who Will Save Rock and Roll?’

Los VicentesSpanish band Los Vicentes has reworked the lyrics to Dictators favorite “Who Will Save Rock and Roll?” The translation follows, with footnotes provided by the band:

I’m stuck on the ground and look up to the sky.
Who will save Rock’nRoll?
Guille Martin (1) is not here.
Who will save Rock’nRoll?

Neither the “Perroflautas” (2),
nor the “Gafapasta” (3),
nor the saloon dolls.

My generation is not the solution.
Who will save Rock’nRoll?
I saw “Guns’n Roses” but I hate those poses.
Who will save Rock’nRoll?

All’em mercenaries.
Three revolutionary chords.
Choose your tribe and choose it well.

I’m broken down and angry.
Joey Ramone has already left us.
There are only brothel rhythms.
My generation is not the solution.
Who will save Rock’nRoll?

(1) Guille Martin was a great Spanish guitarist who died in 2006 of lung cancer, he played with the best Rock bands in Spain, and was a friend of our singer. He was very funny besides.
(2) We call “Perroflautas,” a combined word from “dog” and “flute,” to those “anti-system” guys and chicks who like Manu Chao, dress with dirty clothes and wear extensions and dreadlocks on their hair. They never work and live in squats.
(3) “Gafapasta” are here in Spain some kind of indies who use to wear black paste glasses and they are very boring.

— DFFD123

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Cool Covers: ‘New York, New York’ Goes Dutch

The Works: Mokum Mokum

The spanking-new single from Holland’s the Works ( is a reworking of the ‘Tators/MWK classic “New York, New York.” In Dutch, “Mokum, Mokum” is a tribute to the Works’ hometown of Amsterdam (nickname “Mokum“). Hear it here: (Be sure to check out the lyrics, translated into English, at the end of this post.)

We at The DFFD Blog were impressed and intrigued, so we e-mailed some questions to the band’s singer, Marko ‘5 ft 7’ Petrovic:

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Cool Covers: Boston’s “Bloodbrothers” Tribute

Last August, five veterans of venerable Boston bands — Gang Green, the Neighborhoods, Unnatural Axe and the Johnny Black Trio — teamed up to play the Dictators’ entire Bloodbrothers album for a local club’s tribute night. They called themselves Faster & Louder, and they rocked, as you can see with the above clip for “Stay With Me.”

They really need to do it again. A Dictators-starved nation looks to you, F&L.

Check out’s report of the show here (posted 8/12/09).

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