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YouTube Tuesday: ‘Children By the Million Sing for Alex Chilton’

For you this YouTube Tuesday, we take you back a couple of weeks to recall the shock and dismay surrounding the untimely passing of one of our heroes. In this touching tribute, Thunderbolt Patterson sings for Alex Chilton to kick off his performance with Dave Bone during last month’s SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. The sense of community catharsis is palpable, especially since Big Star had been scheduled to hit the stage at the fest later that week. As J.P. himself noted here at The DFFD Blog: “Many tears in the audience, which was the point; I got choked up myself while singing it.”
— DFFD123

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Cool Covers: Boston’s “Bloodbrothers” Tribute

Last August, five veterans of venerable Boston bands — Gang Green, the Neighborhoods, Unnatural Axe and the Johnny Black Trio — teamed up to play the Dictators’ entire Bloodbrothers album for a local club’s tribute night. They called themselves Faster & Louder, and they rocked, as you can see with the above clip for “Stay With Me.”

They really need to do it again. A Dictators-starved nation looks to you, F&L.

Check out TheDictators.com’s report of the show here (posted 8/12/09).

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