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Rocking in a Winter Wonderland

For Day 6 of our Hanukkah celebration, we again travel back to CBs circa December 2003:


Lovely to look at, miserable to drive in, and soon to be a very limited edition at

Many thanks to Mike Frigerio, who risked life and limb in climbing to the rooftop across the street to take the picture, and to Brother Rob for the technological hook-up.

— Salvi C.

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The Boss Has Spoken.

Springsteen Dictators

Photo courtesy of the Handsome Dick Manitoba Collection

A legendary photo of Bruce Springsteen gets even more epic with the fresh addition of his autograph and two righteous words: DICTATORS FOREVER!

— DFFD123

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‘Tators Tracker: From Stage to (Computer) Screen

David Jo & AdnyWe’ve stumbled across lots of news bits to share, which means it’s time for another edition of ‘Tators Tracker. Here goes:

* HDM, Andy and J.P. have all taken part in a new Joey Ramone solo album. More info as we get it.

* Andy’s heading out on tour with the can’t-miss “When Giants Walked the Earth: A Musical Memoir” show. First stop: a guest appearance at tonight’s Carla Rhodes show in Brooklyn, then a very special opening slot for David Jo at New Jersey’s Brighton Bar tomorrow night (more info). During the next few weeks, he’ll hit Tennessee, Canada, Pennsylvania, NYC, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Details here.

* A new Ross the Boss audio interview has been posted at

* Scott Kempner gets listed among some pretty heady company by the legendary Dion DiMucci.

* Cool photos of Thunderbolt Patterson at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash are posted here.

* Time Out offers a sweet portrait of family life at Chez Manitoba; plus, HDM merits another Page Six mention, just by showing up:

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J.P.’s Record Release Party, Manitoba’s, 11/30/09

CJ, Gerry and J.P.

C.J. Scioscia, Gerry Griffin and J.P. Patterson

Paul Collins and J.P.

J.P. with Paul Collins of the Nerves and the Paul Collins Beat

J.P. poster Manitoba's

J.P. poster Manitoba's

CJ, J.P., Karen

C.J. Scioscia, J.P. Patterson, Karen Lanza

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