Hanukkah Gift No. 5: The Dictators at CBGBs, December 2003

The guys played a 2-night stand at CBGBs on Friday, Dec. 5, and Saturday, Dec. 6, 2003, to provide footage for a live DVD. Not everyone on the DFFD editorial staff made it to these shows, due to a close encounter with a blizzard.

The Friday show seemed snake-bitten right from Jump Street. The stage power blew in the middle of the first tune, and the momentum was never really recovered after that. HDM lost his voice part-way through, but struggled on. Attendance was affected by the snow storm. The highlight of the night was watching RTB play a one-man duet of both guitar parts for “California Sun,” and making it look like he does this kind of thing all the time. Which he probably does.  

The set list for both nights:

1.        New York, New York
2.        The Party Starts Now
3.        Master Race Rock
4.        Baby Let’s Twist
5.        Pussy and Money
6.        Next Big Thing
7.        Savage Beat
8.        Who Will Save Rock & Roll?
9.        Avenue A
10.        I Stand Tall
11.        Speedball
12.        Loyola
13.        Faster and Louder
14.        Sonic Reducer
15.        I Am Right
16.        Stay With Me
17.        Perfect High
18.        Two Tub Man
19.        California Sun

— Salvi C.


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7 responses to “Hanukkah Gift No. 5: The Dictators at CBGBs, December 2003

  1. LEE D.

    Where can i get hold of footage on dvd of dictators live cbgbs 2003!!

  2. LEE D.

    Reply back anyone if they know where i can purchase dictators live at cbgbs 2003 dvd cheers lee

  3. richard katt

    where can i get a copy of both shows if possible and how much?
    I live in the Detroit Mi area.
    Thank You

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