A Spanish Spin on ‘Who Will Save Rock and Roll?’

Los VicentesSpanish band Los Vicentes has reworked the lyrics to Dictators favorite “Who Will Save Rock and Roll?” The translation follows, with footnotes provided by the band:

I’m stuck on the ground and look up to the sky.
Who will save Rock’nRoll?
Guille Martin (1) is not here.
Who will save Rock’nRoll?

Neither the “Perroflautas” (2),
nor the “Gafapasta” (3),
nor the saloon dolls.

My generation is not the solution.
Who will save Rock’nRoll?
I saw “Guns’n Roses” but I hate those poses.
Who will save Rock’nRoll?

All’em mercenaries.
Three revolutionary chords.
Choose your tribe and choose it well.

I’m broken down and angry.
Joey Ramone has already left us.
There are only brothel rhythms.
My generation is not the solution.
Who will save Rock’nRoll?

(1) Guille Martin was a great Spanish guitarist who died in 2006 of lung cancer, he played with the best Rock bands in Spain, and was a friend of our singer. He was very funny besides.
(2) We call “Perroflautas,” a combined word from “dog” and “flute,” to those “anti-system” guys and chicks who like Manu Chao, dress with dirty clothes and wear extensions and dreadlocks on their hair. They never work and live in squats.
(3) “Gafapasta” are here in Spain some kind of indies who use to wear black paste glasses and they are very boring.

— DFFD123

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