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Cool Covers: ‘New York, New York’ Goes Dutch

The Works: Mokum Mokum

The spanking-new single from Holland’s the Works (www.theworksrock.nl) is a reworking of the ‘Tators/MWK classic “New York, New York.” In Dutch, “Mokum, Mokum” is a tribute to the Works’ hometown of Amsterdam (nickname “Mokum“). Hear it here: www.myspace.com/cheesetheworks. (Be sure to check out the lyrics, translated into English, at the end of this post.)

We at The DFFD Blog were impressed and intrigued, so we e-mailed some questions to the band’s singer, Marko ‘5 ft 7’ Petrovic:

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The Dictators Holiday Gift Guide 2009

Every Day Is Saturday cover Because the DFFD Blog exists to serve you, the Dictators fan — and because nothing says “yuletide cheer” quite like the music of the Dictators — we want to help you fill your stockings with the latest in ‘Tators entertainment this holiday season.

If you made your way here, and actually stayed, chances are that you already have all of the Dictators studio and live albums and, most likely, a choice vinyl single or eight.

But if you haven’t yet picked up their latest — the odds ‘n’ sods album Every Day Is Saturday, released in January 2008 — go ahead now. We’ll wait. (You can thank us later.)

Amazon.com (U.S.)holly

Now get one for your mom. (She can thank us later, too.)

The Dictators may not be making music together of late (bad), but its individual members have at least been keeping busy creatively (very, very good). Which leaves us, the fans, with — at least! — five times the material to keep track of in the quest to complete our collections (good and bad). And, let’s face it, not all this stuff is available at your local Wal-Mart, so you can probably use a little direction.

Without further ado, we offer you the Dictators Holiday Gift Guide 2009:

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CD Review: The LP Ain’t Dead Yet

Thunderbolt Patterson

Gin N' Roses

Drummer jokes. We all know at least a couple. “Why is a drum solo like a sneeze? You can tell it’s coming, but you can’t do anything about it.” What does it mean when the drummer drools out of both sides of his mouth? It means the stage is level.” Well, you can take the drummer jokes and cram ’em with walnuts, because J.P. “Thunderbolt” Patterson has defied them all with his CD The LP Is Dead, now out on No Fun Records.

My first reaction when hearing about a drummer making an album is “are the songs just excuses for him to show off his chops?” Nothing could be farther from that with this album. J.P. has come up with a collection of catchy, punchy, up-beat tunes. There isn’t one wanker moment here, the songs always come first. And what a batch of songs!! Funny and optimistic, with melodies and choruses that just don’t quit. Patterson proves more than once that Andy Shernoff isn’t the only Dictator who can come up with rock anthems. Give one listen to the title track, or to “One Beverage,” and you’ll find yourself singing the refrains for the rest of the day.
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