There Is No Such Thing As Too Much Handsome Dick

Buckfest 2010

Lay-dees and Gentle-men! Tonight’s headline bout is a no-holds-barred, 7-man tag-team match! In this corner, from Parts Unknown, wearing the Mexican wrestling masks, and weighing in at a combined 57 stones: Handsome Brian, Handsome Nobbler, and Handsome Rick Sticks, formerly known as Los Coyote Men, now collectively known as The Handsome Dicks. The Handsome Dicks are flogging their debut EP, “Do The Chupacabra Stomp With The Handsome Dicks,” and can be seen on Saturday, 10/24, as part of Buckfest 2010. Check ’em out if you’re on that side of the pond. (I have no idea why they changed the band name. Maybe they didn’t want to pay their back dues to the Federacion di Lucha Libre.)

And in THIS corner, from Madison, WI, wearing matching flannel and Bucky Badger sweatshirts, weighing in at a combined 720 lbs (723 if they’ve had breakfast), Kyle Motor, Dan Motor, Aaron Motor, and Josh Motor, usually known as The Motorz, Wisconsin’s finest purveyors of sweet and hot r & r, but who for the evening of Saturday, Oct. 30, when they play an all-Dictators set at the Frequency in Madison, will be known as The Handsome Dickz.    

If you find yourself at the Frequency gig, come up and say “Hi Sal” to any of the 3 large men who will be up front on the Ross side. The next beer will be on me. Offer void to former Olympians.

— Salvi C.

The Frequency

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One response to “There Is No Such Thing As Too Much Handsome Dick

  1. “weighing in at a combined 720 lbs”

    wow, yeah. Not even close….820 maybe, and that’s if we puke up the case of PBR we just put away.

    Remember you dealing with a gang of corn fed numbskulls here.

    Meet the Motorz (aka The Handsome Dickz) our hobbies include cars, girls, beer, and poor life choices.

    -Dan “Danimal” Motor

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