Four Times the Manitoba, Four Times the Fun

Handsome Dickz Handsome DickzHow can you not love Halloween? Throw on some zombie make-up or pink hot pants, and even the meekest shlub gets to indulge their inner wildman.

The Motorz, those shy and retiring wallflowers from America’s #1 party town, Madison WI, took advantage of this year’s Halloween to give voice to their inner Handsomeness. It was the Frequency’s Halloween bash, and The Handsome Dickz were the guests of honor before a crowd of Mexican wrestlers and women in chicken costumes.

It was non-stop Manitoba Madness!! The guys had obviously spent time listening to HDM’s spoken word cds, because the raps were as entertaining as the music was. Mad-town was taken to task over being the back-pack capital of the world, and the audience was constantly reminded what an honor it was for them to see the band. It’s always a good thing when the band is having as much fun as the crowd.

Thanks to Dan “The Danimal” Mendoza Shernoff, Bottom of the Top Ten, Josh “J.P THUNNNNDERBOLT!! “ Richie Teeter Patterson, and Handsome Kyle the Boss for making the good times happen.

— Salvi C.

The set:

1.        Faster and Louder
2.        Baby Let’s Twist
3.        No Tomorrow
4.        Minnesota Strip
5.        Borneo Jimmy
6.        Two Tub Man
7.        Weekend
8.        Who Will Save Rock + Roll?

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One response to “Four Times the Manitoba, Four Times the Fun

  1. Robbiecube

    On Saturday, November 13, The Motorz played a set at Madison’s High Noon Saloon. They mixed a few covers in during their set, including the Hollies “Can’t Let Go” and Cheap Trick’s “Cry Cry”. Saving the best for last, they finished up with a blinding rip though the Dics “Stay With Me”. Kyle Motor explained that “Stay” was intended to be the final tune of the Handome Dickz set, but due to time constraints, they had to stop after “Who Will Save Rock & Roll”. Well done, Motorz! Hope you keep throwing Dics tunes into your sets from time to time! Anybody in the Madtown area, check The Motorz out, next gig is 12/2 @ High Noon. You won’t be disappointed!

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