More Hair Than a Barbershop Floor

Can we nominate Bill Graham for sainthood and be done with it? After years and years of having no live footage of the 6-man line-up available except for 1 tune from the Old Grey Whistle Test, Wolfgang’s Vault comes across with an entire 50-minute set, from Winterland in San Francisco on 7/30/77. Fantastic quality, multiple cameras, many Jewfros, arena stage moves by the galore. Grab a beer, and prepare to be amazed:

Wolfgang’s Vault: The Dictators

— Salvi C.


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4 responses to “More Hair Than a Barbershop Floor

  1. chip z

    Amazing find. Looking forward to really giving this a look when I leave the office.

  2. francois francois

    geez…can we get these guys to have a sit down and mend fences already? i mean andy’s solo thing is nice and all but…well, you know what i mean.

  3. Ken

    WOW this is too good to be true. Why is the drummer (Stu?) lip synching while Andy hides in the corner?

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