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YouTube Tuesday: All Killer, No Filler

I know I’m going to get slain for this, but my interest in Manowar begins and ends with the guitar heroics of the mighty Ross the Boss. So that’s why this three-part video of his guitar clinic at the 2005 Manowar Fan Convention, the Earthshaker Fest, is such a joy: All Ross, all the time, happily wailing away before an intimate gathering of ecstatic, very vocal fans.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

— DFFD123


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Fingers and Steel, Baby! Our Picks for the Top 10 Ross the Boss Solos

Ross at CBGB

CBGB, New York City, Dec. 5, 2003

We here at DFFD are used to doing impossible things every day. Yesterday, we made a dodo egg omelet for breakfast. Today, we attempt something even more ridiculous: We’re rating the top 10 Ross the Boss solos. What’s that you say? “Outrageous!! It can’t be done!! It’s like going to the Louvre, and declaring this Da Vinci is way better than that Da Vinci over there!’” Well, pooh-pooh and hubba hubba, we laugh at your concerns, bwahaha. We’re doing it anyway.

Ground rules:

1. Dictators + MWK material only. The “best solos in Manowar” post will have to wait for another writer on another day. Fans of Shakin’ Street, Heyday or the Spinatras will also have to wait for their time to shine.

2. Since no 2 RTB solos are ever the same, we’re restricting things to studio or live albums, otherwise we’ll be here all week. Maybe you have time to go through 100 bootleg versions of “Two Tub Man” to find the best one, but I sure don’t.

3. No technical jibber-jabber is allowed. It either rocks or it doesn’t rock.

Without any further ado, show us where you live, Ross:

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