Happy New Year From the DFFD Blog!

Randall's Island

Aug. 14, 2004: The Dictators at Little Steven's Underground Garage Festival, Randall's Island, NYC Photo by CJ Scioscia

As we bid farewell to 2009 and the first decade of the millennium — and unplug the computer and prepare to make merry — we at the DFFD Blog are putting off opening that bottle of delicious red long enough to reflect on some of the finer moments the Dictators brought us in the last 10 years:

The release of D.F.F.D. The band’s first album in two decades made many critics’ year-end lists in 2001, and without a doubt made our entire year. In fact, it was so damned good it sustains us still.

A hot set at Little Steven’s Underground Garage Festival. The boys wowed ’em in Randall’s Island (click to supersize the photo above). Spinning stage, humongous screen, large crowd, media frenzy — that’s how the ‘Tators team deserves to roll.

Two memorable shows during CBGB’s last weekend. The last band standing pulls off a pair of fitting tributes to the punk rock palace. We just hope we weren’t also saying farewell to stateside shows by our heroes.

And this:

We sign off hoping beyond hope for more such Dictators delights in the near future, but most of all we wish you — our fellow fans with the finest taste in music — the happiest and healthiest of new years.

Talk to ya in ’10!




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5 responses to “Happy New Year From the DFFD Blog!

  1. Robbiecube

    The Oughts With The Dics…
    My Top 10 Dictators Moments 2000-though 2009.
    10. Seeing Ross play with the Brain Surgeons in two Wisconsin hotspots, Wisconsin Rapids and Beloit. Meeting my pal, fellow Wisconsin Dichead Steve Tully, & the Almighty Dawnowar at the Beloit gig. Yakking with Ross & Albert Bouchard, two musical icons in my rock and roll eyes.
    9. Road trips to Dictators gigs in Chicago, Boston,
    NYC, Providence, Cincy/Lexington, thanks to pal Salvi, and to my bride Judy. Hanging with fellow Dicheads Tully, Karen & John, Gene & Yo, Kris & Dawnowar. I treasure these moments.
    8. Flying from Madison to Minneapolis to Bos-
    ton, then driving to Philly to see the Dictators play as a four piece, all in one day. Getting lost on the mean one-way streets of Philly trying to find the club. Salvi’s legendary comment; “I think Shaft would even be scared around here.”
    7. The Dictators play on a flatbed trailer on the town square of Owensboro, Kentucky, @BBQ Fest.
    Just like a young Elvis! Manitoba is forbidden from swearing, but wins the bet when he’s successful. Seeing the band in the sweltering autograph tent, waiting for anybody to show up. Even us! A weird day, an even weirder set!
    6.The releases of D.F.F.D. , Viva Dictators! and the
    Every Day Is Saturday comp. We helped just a little
    bit with that last one.
    5. JP, Ross & Dean lay down two sizzling instro sets @ BillyMarks. Getting to hang with Salvi, Karen & John, JP and his Dad, just to name a few. While walking back to our car, Salvi & I spot a barefoot guy in a Manowar shirt, taking out his trash. We told him Ross The Boss had just played a block away, and was probably still in the bar, so the guy took off running in the direction of Billy-Marks! Hope he washed up before shaking hands
    with Ross. BillyMarks doesn’t seem like a “no shoes, no shirt, no service” kind of place.
    4. The brief, tough set @ Little Steven’s Under-ground Garage Festival @ Randall Island. HDM & Andy never look at each other. The Dictators get a 15 minute set, while poseur puffs The Strokes get an hour. Huh? The Stooges headline…and kill!
    3. The Dictators headline the Las Vegas Shake-down in 2000, playing a wild set that included the debut of “Avenue A”. After seeing 40+ bands over three nights, the mighty Dics still blew our socks off! Wild catfights in the crowd, the floor was bowing beneath our feet from the crowd’s insanity.
    2. The Final Friday of CBGB’s. We all (Salvi & I, Karen & John, Gene & Yo, & Dawnowar) meet @ Manitoba’s, chow down, and attend the gig. My first time inside our Mecca. I scream “Rock Or Die” into Russell Sic F*c’s mike. The Dics play a very good, though a bit rusty, set. Still, seeing as we thought we may never see them play again, it was awesome. But not nearly as awesome as….
    1. The Final Saturday of CBGB’s. Tully arrives in time for our Manitoba’s warmup, JP helps Salvi & I get in, The Dics lay down possibly the best set I’ve ever seen them play. Smiles all around the crowd, and on stage. The finale, with Tommy Ramone joining the band on lead vocals for a version of “Blitzkreig Bop” left me a bit misty eyed.
    After the show, Salvi got tossed out of CB’s for the sin of breaking off a piece of the chip board wall.

    It’s been over three years since this gig, and since I’ve seen The Dictators play. And if they never play in the USA again, I’m finally at peace with that.
    But here’s hoping we can all see them once again.
    Remember, HDM, Andy, Scott, Ross and JP…..

    A rockin’ 2010 to all you Dicheads out there!

    • DFFD123

      Beautifully said, Robbie. This was the best thing I’ve read in 2010!

      • Adam

        Lets see off the top of my head (if I mess up some dates like in the wrong decade bear with me as I am recovering from the Fleshtones/Roky Erickson gig last night)

        -The boys at Manitoba’s with I think Tom Clark opening up
        -Some hot shows at Maxwell’s
        -Little Steven Fest at Randall’s Island-The entire show might have been the best show I saw all decade and Dics
        -The last weekend at the Continental with the boys sans Andy
        -Manitoba’s Wild Kingdom at Don Hill performing the MWK album-might be my favorite gig the boys did all decade
        -Of course the final weekend at CBGB
        -The DVD taping at CBGB earlier in the decade not so much for the shows which might have been some of the worst ones I saw them do but for the joy of rediscovering the Fleshtones who opened up
        -The thrill of seeing them in Brooklyn at Southpaw
        -Was the 2nd Bowery Ballroom show this decade? If so, that was a killer show.

        Now for some speculation-the Continental is having a special guest next weekend for the reunion show. I spoke to Daniel Rey who stated he is performing with CJ Ramone. I should have asked him about MWK as JP Patterson stated they were discussing some MWK gigs. Hmm, what do you think, Karen, Sal?

        • DFFD123

          Terrific list, Adam. Thanks for reminding me of some great shows.

          I love the thought of Wild Kingdom guesting at the Continental but I have yet to hear anything that might lean that way.

  2. Adam

    Ah, Manitoba has been confirmed as a special guest for the Continental reunion. Come on, we want MWK.

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