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A Mission from God


The Dictators NYC brought the savage beat to Reggie’s in Chicago this past Friday for the first time since 2003. Fans from all over the Cheese Belt gathered to hear the awesome roar, and the band did not disappoint.

Considering how frazzled the band members were from dealing with van problems that almost derailed the gig, it would have been within their rights to not have had their “A” game going. Instead, we got a smoking performance from a band that seemed to be rejuvenated once they hit the stage and heard the roar of the lights and the smell of the crowd.

Half of the fun this night came from watching HDM and Dean get jiggy with it. Some of their Solid Gold moments were their tango during “Faster and Louder,” the modified Temptations march from “Get Ready” during “I Stand Tall,” and Dean’s shaking of his money-maker during “Baby Let’s Twist.”

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‘Hello Cleveland!!’


Also, “What’s up Pittsburgh!!,” “How ya doin’ Detroit!!” and, finally, if the Dictators NYC find their way out of the basement in Cleveland, it all wraps up on Sunday with “Greetings Chicago!!”

This is your first opportunity to go under the Thunder since 2003, Midwest. Show the band the love they deserve.

Salvi C.

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