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Celebrating the Thunderbolt!

What better way to celebrate your big day than with your own damned theme song?!?! Rocking the “Thunderbolt Theme” with Thunderboss back in ’06 is birthday boy and drummer extraordinaire, J.P. “Thunderbolt” Patterson!

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Ross the Boss Birthday Blast!

Ross the Boss guitar clinic

On the occasion of our favorite guitarist’s birthday today, we’re taking the opportunity to repost these videos of Ross the Boss slaying ’em in a guitar clinic at a Manowar convention a few years ago. Turn ’em up loud, ’cause that’s how he likes it! Happy bday, RTB!

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May the Fourth Be With You!


This thing of ours celebrates its fourth birthday today. Lots be happening in Dics-world in the last 12 months — the Dictators NYC continued to slay audiences with their awesome roar, the Del Lords re-emerged with their 1st album in 22 years, and Andy Shernoff put the finishing touches on his second solo EP. You read about all of it here first, and we’re proud to be your go-to source for news about all things Dictators.

— Salvi C.

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Happy Birthday to Mark the Animal!!


As if he wasn’t scary enough without the make-up!! This is overkill on his part — he could scare people in a Santa suit.

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Birthday Greetings to Andy Shernoff!


Happy birthday greetings go out today to the big dog himself, Andy Shernoff!

Pics via!

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Happy Birthday to Top Ten!

Scott Kempner celebrates a birthday today. Here’s some extremely rare vid of him during his brief reign in 1980 as the guitar god in the Helen Wheels band. Thanks to the videographers at the Local East Village blog for hanging on to this stuff for 30 plus years!

— Salvi C.

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Happy Birthday to the Handsome One!

The Handsomest Man in Rock and Roll, Baby!

Happy Birthday to HDM!! Here’s proof that “The Handsomest Man in Rock and Roll” was not just an empty boast. Be still, my heart.

— Salvi C.

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Happy Birthday to the Thunderbolt!


Beat the birthday drums for Dictators/Manitoba’s Wild Kingdom/MANITOBA percussionist extraordinaire, Thunderbolt Patterson!

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