‘Tators Tracker: Nov. 30 Edition

Monday night we enjoy the rare treat of two Dictators making public appearances within stumbling distance of each other: Andy performing at Lakeside Lounge (162 Ave. B) and J.P. celebrating his record release at NYC’s Premier Rock and Roll Bar, Manitoba’s (99 Ave. B).  Andy’s set starts around 7; J.P.’s bash runs 8-10 p.m. [UPDATE: Andy will hit the stage at 7:30 sharp, making this post even more relevant. Study up, people!]

It’s the same damned street, which is awesome, but while the timing is convenient, it’s also tight. No navigational errors allowed from folks partaking in too much 2-for-1 happy hour revelry (or traveling in from, God forbid, New England).

Because the DFFD Blog exists to serve you, the Dictators fan, we’ve provided the interactive Google map above and some remedial Mapquest walking directions below.

Vaya con Dios.

— DFFD123

Lakeside Lounge, 162 Avenue B, New York, NY,  10009 – (212) 529-8463
1. Pass the photo booth, then the bar on your RIGHT. Go outside. Turn RIGHT to walk SOUTHWEST on AVENUE B past 10TH STREET. 0.2 mi
2. NYC’s Premier Rock and Roll Bar, Manitoba’s, 99 AVENUE B, is on the LEFT. The bartender is on the RIGHT. Tip BIG. 0.0 mi
Manitoba’s, 99 Avenue B, New York, NY,  10009 – (212) 982-2511
Total Travel Estimate : 3 minutes (2 if you really gotta pee)


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2 responses to “‘Tators Tracker: Nov. 30 Edition

  1. I found you completely by accident… when did you start? I should make a link but just wanted to make sure that was OK witchoo…?

    Hope all’s dandy. The Master Plan album is out??

  2. DFFD123

    Hi, Lindsay!
    I pushed the Button five days ago…link away! That would be lovely.
    Yes, the Master Plan album is out on your side of the Pond: http://www.thedictators.com/news00.html
    Thanks, and rock on!

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