YouTube Tuesday: “A Veritable Punk Rock Aria!”

For you this YouTube Tuesday: A masterful performance of “Master Race Rock,” recorded live at NYC’s late, lamented Coney Island High on Dec. 12, 1997. Thanks to Boulevard07 for having the foresight and gumption to upload it to YouTube and Twitter user @netmeg for proving that something with a lame name like Twitter can be used in cool ways.

This clip reminds me how I never truly appreciated the St. Mark’s club, no matter how many great shows I saw there, until one day it was just gone. Damn, I wish I had bought a CIH T-shirt back then. Maybe Hot Topic will get hip to the killer logo and get ’em in for the kiddies one day. (Let this be a lesson to you all: Buy shirts from places you like before it’s too late. Even if you go there all the time. Seriously. Let my regret guide you.)

Bonus, from the same performance and with a most unique intro: “New York New York

UPDATE: This was J.P.’s second-ever show with the Dictators.

— DFFD123


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6 responses to “YouTube Tuesday: “A Veritable Punk Rock Aria!”

  1. Robbiecube

    Amazing! The Dics were never better live than in that era, with JP pushing them in the engine room.
    But sad in that THAT’S WHAT WE’RE MISSING
    when our boys don’t play.
    Memories and You Tube just aren’t enough….

  2. DFFD123

    I hear ya, Robbie. Loud and clear.

  3. jomf

    Coney Island was a dump, don’t make it seem like it was Shangri- La!

  4. I *thought* my ears were burning.

    My interest and affection for the band predate this clip by about twenty years (I’m older than I look) And I never got to see them in NY (heck, I never got to see them in Detroit, which is where I am) but was first turned on to this particular song by the Ramones when, for a very short time, my best friend was dating (which means sleeping) with someone in their organization. It was on their intro tape. I’ve always loved it. Still do.

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