Del-Lords: Whole Lotta Somethin’ Goin’ On

Del-Lords Based on a True Story coverAs Scott promised last month, major activity is ramping up in Del-Lords World, hot on the heels of expanded reissues of their entire back catalog.

They’ve just launched a new official website,, in which they confirm work on a new recording and tease the denizens of Spain with hopes of a tour in 2010.

Our hero, meanwhile, rallies the troops on his hot-off-the-press Top Ten Blog:

“A new Del-Lords record. These are all new songs, featuring, you guessed it, two guitars, bass and drums, and a whole lot of vocalizing from one and all. We are not reinventing the Rock’n’Roll wheel, for it is round enough. Just some good solid pitching, alert defense, timely hitting and smart base running, as always. A combination that has worked since the damn thing was invented, and shows no sign of breaking down yet.”

Enjoy the rest here: Top Ten Blog.

— DFFD123

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One response to “Del-Lords: Whole Lotta Somethin’ Goin’ On

  1. Robbiecube

    First, Karen starts up this blogsite. Then JP’s great album hits (my pick for album of the year, nosing out Cheap Trick’s “The Latest”). Now Andy’s been playing live. Ross has never stopped playing. And now this news about Scott and The Del Lords. Something’s stirring in The Dictators camp. Maybe it ain’t just us poor Dicheads who are getting the itch of impatience!
    To quote George Costanza, “I think it moved! “

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