YouTube Tuesday: “Dude . . . Put Some Pants On”

What an enchanting way to kick off a new year and new decade: Sit back, crank up the speakers and behold the Dics and their afros performing “Search and Destroy” in a clip that hasn’t lost a lick of its kinetic charm in the nearly 33 years since it was filmed. Manitoba takes the mic like he was fired from a rocket, Ross stares his singer down for an unsettlingly long time, Mark the Animal rocks ferociously, Ritchie Teeter punishes his drum kit, Andy hides in the background like a hired hand, and the otherwise cool-looking Top Ten, he wears short shorts.

This video of the performance is a bit better synced than most we’ve found, which ups the enjoyment factor considerably. Also adding to the fun: the 250 comments on this poorly synced version of the video. Look out, honey, they’re using technology! I’ll save you some serious scrolling by reproducing my faves — complete with original spelling and punctuation, for the authentic experience — starting with the uploader’s intro:

The Dictators playing “Search And Destroy” (Stooges cover). This is actually one of the best videos I have.
And look: it’s 1977! So you should stop to listen american sh*t like “Simple Plan”!

I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to get across in the description, but you do realize that the Dictators are American and Simple Plan are Canadian. I mean, the Tators kick ass and Simple Plan sucks, but you’re still a retard.

This looks like one of the guys from Twisted sister and the guy who used to do exercises on tv jammin together.

beside the original the next best is by red hot chili peppers

Ross the Boss has me crackin up every time I watch this! Shreddin away not even looking at his fretboard wondering what the hell he’s gonna do about Handsome Dick.

Craziest singer, i wish i talked like this. I always ride my bike doen the street saying” I knew stiv in the day” but it aint the same. manitoba!!

The singer is the handsomest man in rock’n’roll; the fro only accentuates this. He also has a great recipe for caprese. Punk rock was invented by Seals & Crofts, do your research.

The Afros are homeage to the MC5 who where the original proto-punk band in Detriot back in 1966. Handsome Dick, Top Ten, Andy and Ross were huge MC5 fans.

Handsome Dick’s Jewfro is mightier than all your Hot Topic punk uniforms. Conformists!

guitar aint loud enough. listen 2 the rhcp’s version

Why is the guitarist looking at the singer like he’s going to bust a nut on his face?

Oh god dude in the red put some pants on …….. some long ones . Great cover though. Just….arghhhhahhhhhh “shiver”

so much energy…badass motherfucking vocals…where the hell have they been all my life?

— DFFD123

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One response to “YouTube Tuesday: “Dude . . . Put Some Pants On”

  1. Robbiecube

    Was there any other footage shot along with this?

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