“New York New York” — A Hell of a Song

The Powers That Be behind the The New York Nobody Sings blog, dedicated to songs about New York, might not be the world’s biggest Dictators fans — at least according to a new post this week — but they did dredge up a cool clip of “New York New York” from Irving Plaza in ’81. For that, we salute you.

— DFFD123


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6 responses to ““New York New York” — A Hell of a Song

  1. Robbiecube

    Taken from the half -hour video of an NYC cable show called “Paul Tchinkel’s Inner-Tube”, the
    first Dictators show I ever landed on video!

  2. Hey guys…thanks for noticing our blog. I was just telling it like it is, but I have come to appreciate you more over the years. I salute you back!

  3. I also realized I probably need to link the Dictators blog in that post. I’ll do it pronto.

  4. They also showed a photo of your first album cover in that post….
    Is that a Christopher Milk poster on the locker-room wall?

  5. Robbiecube

    Good to hear from the great T. Tex Edwards!

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