Thunderbolt @ SXSW: Getting Caught Up

SXSW 2010OK, let’s try to get caught up here on day 6 in Austin. Finally got that chicken fried steak at Hoovers. Will probably skip the jalepeno creamed spinach next time. My two shows yesterday went well, though a monitor would be helpful when singing lead from behind the drums, don’t you think? I opened out front with Dave Bone and me doing the Replacements “Alex Chilton” as a hymn. Many tears in the audience, which was the point; I got choked up myself while singing it. There IS footage, so hopefully it’ll show up on Youtube. I believe we’re going to do it tonight during the Sons of Hercules show. Spoke to old friends Cheetah Chrome and Syl Sylvain and saw their band the Batusis. Also spoke to Lisa From the Bell-Rays; gonna see them later today. In the hunt for a chorizo burrito…

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