‘You’ll Go Bozos for It!’

The Dictators Go Girl Crazy!Note: This is one of a series of posts in The DFFD Blog Goes Girl Crazy! special — a monthlong commemoration of the 35th anniversary of the release of ‘The Dictators Go Girl Crazy!’

Some reviews from Back in the Day, dug up by my esteemed colleague Salvi C.:

The Dictators Go Girl Crazy may be the most self-indulgent, impossible, elitist, brilliant recording ever.” — Trouser Press

“This album is vulgar. But impressive.” — Creem

“You’ll go bozos for it!” — Dictators Fanzine #1

— DFFD123


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3 responses to “‘You’ll Go Bozos for It!’

  1. Anonymous

    The middle on is actually Creem mag from April 75.

  2. carlo

    .. and the one on the right is from Back Door Man #2, also April 1975!

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