August 5, 1977: On the Road Again

On August 5, 1977, the Dictators opened for Bob Seger at the Merriwether Post Pavilion in Columbia, MD. To hear band members talk about it, the 1977 opening slots were nothing but horrible experiences. No one was ever there to see them, and they were basically just a 30-minute cock-block. Not to explode a myth, but this show stands as evidence to the contrary. Sure, the sound quality is horrible, but the band is totally smoking, obviously having a fine old time for themselves, and the show is enjoyably flavored by the disgruntled comments of the startled patrons who were being pinned to the back wall by the extremely loud Dictators. It’s lots of fun, and one of my favorite bootleg shows.

The set list:

1.        Science Gone Too Far
2.        The Next Big Thing
3.        Young, Fast, and Scientific
4.        Disease
5.        Two Tub Man

Bob Seger, Handsome Dick Manitoba

Bob Seger, Handsome Dick Manitoba

— Salvi C.


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2 responses to “August 5, 1977: On the Road Again

  1. If you get the chance would you post the bootleg for download? I’d appreciate hearing it…thanks.

    • Salvi C.

      Sorry, but we don’t have the capacity for audio. That cost more than the zero $$ in our budget. I will be happy to mail you a cd of this show if you give me your address.


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