Long Live the King!

Elvis Presley
On the 33rd anniversary of the death of Elvis, let us quote the immortal words of the Bard, Sir Scott of Kempner, which are from the Dictators’ Palladium show on 8/24/77:

“For the first time in a long time, rock & roll is without a King. The Dictators want to hereby commemorate, and dedicate, this set and every set from now on, to the King, Elvis Presley. Now, and forever.”

— Salvi C.


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5 responses to “Long Live the King!

  1. Chip Z

    I still remember where I was when I heard that Elvis died. (I was a five year old fan). Kerhonkson, NY visiting my state trooper uncle and his family. Many years ago read a Punk Magazine article describing some time the Dictators spent in Kerhonkson in January 1973. Will have to ask my uncle if he ever had a run-in with them.

    • Salvi C.

      I was at work at my college job, slicing cold cuts at Francis Food Mart in Watertown, MA. It wasn’t until a week later that I found out he died on the throne.


    • DFFD123

      I was hanging out with my friends in Janie Bergin’s backyard when news came over the radio. We were stunned and tried to console our girlfriend Jill, who unabashedly loved the King despite my having told her repeatedly, “Jill, Elvis is for old people.” So I went to see Shaun Cassidy lip synch to a record and she was one of the lucky few of our age who got to see Elvis Presley perform live. I am an @sshole!

  2. Adam

    Man, I am thinking about the Palladium show. I was a big fan of AC/DC who had their first live album out at the time and I actually liked Michael Stanley who was the middle act on the bill.

    I was able to get first row for the show and just had surgery on my ear. I remember asking the doctor if it would be okay to attend the show (I just came out of the hospital and had a bandage wrapped around my head) and he recommended against going. But the heck with that.

    I still have a vivid memory of Angus sitting on Bon Scott’s shoulders playing a solo as they went into the audience.

    As for the Dictators-hey, I dug them. They were not the main reason I was there but I enjoyed them and it was the last time I saw them until they absolutely blew me away at the Tom Clark Benefit at Brownie’s and I was completely converted. I did see Manitoba’s Wild Kingdom open up for the Ramones at the Ritz but damn, when they performed at Brownie’s they were simply amazing and I have caught as many shows as possible since.

    • Salvi C.

      Great story. You’re the 5th or 6th person we’ve heard from who went to the Palladium show. It had to rank as one of the biggest shows they ever played.


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