Holla, It’s Hanukkah!

In case you missed NBC’s “Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special” the night before Thanksgiving or all the Santa s**t that’s been sitting on store shelves since Halloween, let us finally alert you that the holiday season is absolutely, completely upon us, with tonight kicking off those eight crazy nights: Hanukkah.

Gifts may not be required, but The DFFD Blog HQ is in a giving mood. We will offer you up small goodies — links to fun stuff, photos, videos — each day during Hanukkah as a way to celebrate our favorite band as well as what may be their religion’s least important holiday.

Our first gift to you, beloved readers, is most appropriate for this festival of lights:

The White Castle Scented Candle Is Back!

White Castle candle

That’s right: The candle offering “the steam-grilled-on-a-bed-of-onions scent of America’s first fast-food hamburger” is once again available, after selling out (to our horror) in the spring. This is possibly the greatest stocking stuffer ever for that hungry Dictators fan. Net proceeds go to the wonderful Autism Speaks charity, so grab a Crave Case load for family and friends — and save one for yourself.

Buy the White Castle Scented Candle at the House of Crave!

Seven more gifts to go — tune in tomorrow!

— DFFD123

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