Thunderbolt Patterson Blogs About NAMM!

NYC, 1/11/2011

Gettin’ ready for my annual trip to the NAMM convention, if the snow comes and goes quick enough for me to fly out Thursday AM. Connection through Minny/St. Paul might not have been the best choice. I BETTER get to Anaheim in time for the Bonham show that night. Two pairs of black jeans should be enough, right ? Well, two pairs of black jeans are probably enough for several weeks, so we should be good. The BIG question; how many pairs of Pro-Keds ?
Gonna see old and new friends, visit the companies I represent, and the rumour is I’m signing autographs at the Evans booth on Saturday with jazz legends Alphonse Mouson and Peter Erskine. Niiiiice. Might have one beverage…come say hello.

J.P “Thunderbolt” Patterson

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