Thunderbolt @ NAMM: The Wrap-Up

NYC, 1/18/2011

Well, perhaps we should wrap up, since things got away from me after the post of 1/14…which ended with Grappa ? No wonder. Went to the Grove that night for Megadeth/Hell Yeah. At this point we can thank the “Coffin Case” girls for the backstage photo shoot and the free vodka tent for the free vodka.

Saturday dawned (haha) beautifully. It was lovely, low 80-degree weather the entire 4 days in Anaheim. An “Original” from Carl’s Jr. was the perfect noon breakfast. Best burger ever ? Well, I went back the next day. Made my Saturday rounds of sponsors (Pearl, Sabian, Vic Firth, LP, Evans) and checked in with some old friends. Gave a copy of my latest solo record “The LP is Dead” to legendary hard rock writer Lonn Friend. Had a few beers and a burrito. Went to bed before midnight, because…

…Sunday the Golden Child came down from UCLA. We strolled in the sunshine (to the ATM to get her cash), Had lunch (see above) and went to the Hilton atrium (ground central for NAMM schmooze) to watch the game. J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS ! Put the Golden Child on a train back to L.A. 3.8 GPA her first quarter as a Bruin.

Breezed through security at John Wayne on Monday, 1/17, and went to my regular waiting area, the Gibson Guitar Lounge. They really DO make a nice Bloody Mary. PACKED flight to Hotlanta, PACKED flight to Newark. Monorail, NJ Transit and BillyMarks West for a night cap. Sleep.

J.P. “Thunderbolt” Patterson

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  1. The Beef

    JP that burger is making me hungry.. . My favorite snack is a garbage platter at white castle. Skibbl y dooo!

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