We Accept You, One of Us!

Joey Ramone

Today is the 10-year anniversary of the death of Joey Ramone. It’s almost impossible to overstate how huge the Ramones were to music, and to music fans. They were, as Little Steven puts it, Big Bang #2. It’s equally tough to verbalize how important Joey was to music lovers everywhere. What he brought to the table musically was considerable, but it’s only a small piece of his gift to the world. EVERYBODY loved the guy!! He was everyone’s goofy cousin, the guy who made us smile, and made us proud, both for him and with him. I still can’t believe he’s gone.

The annual birthday bash will be on Thursday, May 19th, at Irving Plaza, with all proceeds going to the Joey Ramone Foundation for Lymphoma Research. We here at DFFD can think of no greater tribute than to give to his cause.

— Salvi C.

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