Manitoba Debuts!! [Update: Not]

[12/12 UPDATE: Manitoba is unfortunately off the bill, so let’s hold this thought until next time … there WILL be a next time, right?!?!]

It could be great. It could be “Jazz Odyssey.” Either way, we’ve waited 5+ years for it. If this ends up being a one and out, or a living and breathing entity, will really hinge upon our acceptance of the band as, if not The Next Big Thing, then at very least, The Next Best Thing.

There’s no need for debate, or dismissing the project with a “It’s not the Dictators.” We already KNOW that. For us, your humble reporters, it’s all about the songs. We know and trust the guys involved to do justice to the old classics and then, if the project grows legs, to breathe life into new classics.

Whether or not you decide to embrace the new line-up is entirely up to you. You know where you can find me. I’ll be up front, on the Ross side.

— Salvi C.


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6 responses to “Manitoba Debuts!! [Update: Not]

  1. Adam

    The question comes down to whether it is worth it to deal with a weeknight, and a billion other acts to hear the band do three songs. I am 99% going to pass on this right now and hope they do a full gig elsewhere. But I would love to see these guys. Is it the Dictators? No. But it is Manitoba with Ross and Thunderbolt and that is enough for me.

  2. Anonymous

    sounds like they already backed out?

  3. DFFD123

    I was really looking forward to this and I’m disappointed I won’t be witnessing their debut this week. But, wow, I mostly really, really wish I had held off buying tickets!

  4. Anonymous

    i wasn’t gonna be able to make the show but i am bummed none the less. not sure what the reason is but i sure hope, at the very least, a few east coast shows surface in the new year. it’s just been way too long since these guys have played.

    interesting that the toilet boys are back together again too.

  5. Adam

    Damn, am I glad I did not buy a ticket for the show. Honestly with the exception of a couple of bands (like Manitoba) the guys playing are the guys you can see almost every week (not that it is bad). Can’t imagine what made them pull out.

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