Basking in the Afterglow

MANITOBA photo by Ian Jane
(Photo courtesy of Ian Jane /Rock! Shock! Pop!)

Did you spend the weekend craving a cigarette and some cuddling? If not, then you weren’t at the Manitoba show at the extremely oversold Bowery Electric on Thu 1/26. The lucky attendees have spent the last couple of days looking back in awe.

You thought the Asbury show was great? So did I. Well, this was a quantum leap above the debut. From Note One, the band kicked a** and took names. They were tighter than a mosquito’s tweeter, and there was a ROAR coming from the dueling Gibsons that is almost beyond description. Imagine being on a tarmac without earplugs as a jet plane comes in for a landing — THAT’s what they sound like.

We’re used to RTB, HDM and JP bringing their “A” games to each and every show, and this was no exception. HDM, aka “The Eric Cartman of Punk Rock,” had a 5-year backlog of hilarious stories and used every one to good effect. RTB looks to be the happiest guy in rock+roll nowadays — his smile could light a room. JP is the heart of the whole shebang, the glue that holds it all together. But it was the newbies who threw the band over the top. The absolutely stellar performances from Daniel Rey and The Dream made the difference from the debut’s “great show!!” to this gig’s “OHMYGOD!!”

As fantastic as the band played, I have to say that the entire experience was dampened by how dangerously overpacked the room was. It’s no knock on Bowery Electric itself, which is a very nice venue. But we were sardined in so tight that the guy behind me really should have bought me a drink and paid my cab fare. All it would have taken was one nitwit, and the entire crowd would have toppled over. I totally get the concept of playing a small place first and building a buzz, but this is a band that’s capable of filling the Bowery Ballroom!

It’s time to road test this baby. How about a weekend combo of Providence and Boston, or Chicago-Detroit-Cleveland? Or maybe Providence and Boston? Did I mention Providence and Boston?

It’s back, my friends. It’s all the way back. Against all odds, they keep getting up off the mat. This incredible body of work is once again given a voice.

One of Manitoba’s stories included “I’m PETER PAN, baby! I’m doing this forever!!” Let’s hope he’s right. Let’s also hope that if it works for him, it’ll work for the rest of the band, and for us!

— Salvi C.

Set list:
• 1. The Party Starts Now!
• 2. The Next Big Thing
• 3. Avenue A
• 4. Baby Let’s Twist
• 5. Haircut and Attitude
• 6. Pu**y and Money
• 7. Who Will Save Rock and Roll
• 8. Prototype
• 9. Slow Death
• 10. Faster and Louder
• 11. New York, New York
• 12. Stay With Me
• 13. Two Tub Man
• 14. Loose (Jesse Malin on vox)
• 15. California Sun (w/Jesse)

More photos (and another review) at Rock! Shock! Pop!


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5 responses to “Basking in the Afterglow

  1. Nice work Sal. Thanks for the review. Cleveland show would be epic.

  2. Rys

    Great review Sal!! And if the guy behind you was any closer, in some countries you would be considered married!!!

    Band sounded awesome – venue too tiny – onward and upward!!

  3. Adam

    The Bowery Electric is one of my favorite venues in the city. Having said that, yes the place was ridiculously packed and if you are not in the front it can be a problem.
    Onto the show. Thought this was a fantastic one. Long live Manitoba, and lets not grieve over the death of the Dictators. Honestly, I thought the backup vocals were better with Daniel on board, Dean is a monster on bass (better than Andy who is not interested in being part of this), and Ross.. well Ross is the God of Thunder. The thing I love about Ross is that he can shred with the best of them but with Manitoba, he is actually quite understated. Plays his riffs, does great leads and does not need to show off. Just a really gifted guitar player and certainly one of my favorites to watch.

  4. Adam

    Did not get a chance to finish the post but I wanted to add that JP is the glue who held them together. Imagine what these guys like will be when they get a couple of shows under their belt.

    Now my only complaint, and it is a minor one, is that Dick’s vocals are beginning to sound like someone out of the Lou Reed school of vocals. Less singing than really chanting. Great frontman, thought he was on key but I thought there was a difference with his vocals.

    By the way, the show is posted on Dime A Dozen and it sounds fantastic. Just a great show and I cannot wait for the next one.

  5. Adam

    Lastly, I have to add that the Biters were terrific as well. I have seen them about four to five times and their set was the best one I have seen from them. Great punky sound with hooks and very tight.

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