WFMU Tribute to Rich Teeter Begins Tonight

WFMU, the greatest radio station in the US of A, is running a 2-part Richie Teeter tribute on the Evan “Funk” Davies show. Part 1 airs tonight at 9pm ET, part 2 will follow next week, same night and time (streaming live over the interwebs). Tonight will feature Richie’s work with the Dictators, next week will be a special airing of some of his tunes as a member of VHF.

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One response to “WFMU Tribute to Rich Teeter Begins Tonight

  1. Rich was a close friend in Amityville H. S. we were both in rock bands and we both played drums. If there was a talent show we were the only two bands doing rock. Rich’s band Tommorow Midnight won WABC am’s Big Break (Steppin Wolf was the main act and host) everyone would hang in Rich’s room that was painted copletly black including lams’ phone any object with the black light and posters.Dave Sobell.

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