It’s Showtime

We here in Boston are girding our collective loins, whatever that means, in anticipation of the upcoming Manitoba invasion. It’s been 9 years since the loud and the proud have graced us with their presence.

Boston has always had a weird relationship with the band, and vice versa. The music and musicians are always welcomed with open arms. The “Yankees Uber Alles” attitude, not so much. Over/under on the length of time between them hitting the stage and the first insult exchange = 2 minutes.

While we wait, those of you in the NYC area have pul-enty of ops to see our boys. Tonight, Andy and the Master Plan are playing their first gig in two years at the Bowery Electric, in support of Denis Tek of the legendary Radio Birdman. It’s an early show. Tomorrow night, you can head to Webster Hall for the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash, which will feature both JP and RTB.

— Salvi C.


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2 responses to “It’s Showtime

  1. Adam

    Just a minor note about the Joey Ramone fest. It is actually in the Studio at Webster Hall which is the downstairs room and a much smaller venue.

    The Master Plan killed last night at the Bowery Electric. Seriously underrated songs (I still think the first album is one of the best albums that has come out in the 2000’s) and Andy’s playing was great. But anytime I get the opportunity to see Keith Streng and Andy play, I try to take advantage of it. To have them both in the same band is terrific.

  2. DFFD123

    Thanks for the info on the Joey gig and the report on last night’s show. I hated to miss them!

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