A Little Bit of History

The historic Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY, recently reopened for music. What better way to celebrate, Dictators style, than to share these fantastic pictures from their only ever appearance there. These shots are from February 2, 1974, the second Dictators show. God, were we ever that young?

We have about a dozen of these that we’ll share in future posts. These pictures are the property of Ross Friedman, and are not to be re-posted without his permission.

— Salvi C.


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4 responses to “A Little Bit of History

  1. DFFD123

    BTW, I went to the Cap for the first time last night (for this, which was awesome). The theater has been immaculately restored and updated, the sound was terrific and the staff couldn’t have been more welcoming and professional … this has the makings of a beautiful relationship. Looking forward to more faves playing there (hint, hint).

    • Adam

      Saw “this” (J.Geils band) last Saturday in Atlantic City and could not agree more with the thoughts. I saw them many times and in their prime they were the 2nd best live band I ever saw (after Springsteen on the Darkness tour who I am seeing tonight at Giant Stadium). Looking forward to Manitoba tomorrow night at Webster Hall. Come on guys, shake up the setlist a little.

  2. Dictators played there in 1977 also, with Styx and BeBop Deluxe…
    Anyone have a flyer for that 1974 show?? Port Chester Rock City!!

  3. Thanks for the ad, I’ve been meaning to dig one up for that Dics show. I apologize, it looks like the date I have for 1977 with Styx and Bebop Deluxe was for the Capital Theater in Passaic NJ (often confused), and that was 8 Oct 1977.. see http://moyssi.com/capitolshows.htm

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