Coney Island High 10/18/96

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Today marks the anny of the Dictators’ first-ever appearance at Coney Island High. CIH was the short-lived punk rock clubhouse on St. Mark’s Place in NYC, and was a precursor to the Bowery Electric.

This date was the Dictators’ only U.S. show for the year. They were fresh home from 2-plus weeks of kicking it in Spain and Sweden. There’s an excellent, full-length video of this show that hasn’t yet migrated to YouTube, and it shows our guys to have been in excellent form for this show. RTB was wearing his Marvin the Martian shirt, HDM was sporting the ponytail, and Frankie Funaro featured a brand-spanking new “Manifest Destiny” era logo on the bass drum.

Set list:
• 1. New York, New York
• 2. Haircut and Attitude
• 3. Master Race Rock
• 4. I Want You Tonight
• 5. Faster And Louder
• 6. Baby Let’s Twist
• 7. I Am Right
• 8. Call Me Animal
• 9. The Party Starts Now
• 10. I Stand Tall
• 11. Weekend
• 12. Science Gone Too Far
• 13. You Had It Coming
• 14. Search and Destroy
• 15. Next Big Thing
• 16. Stay With Me
• 17. Sonic Reducer
• 18. Two Tub Man
• 19. Minnesota Strip
• 20. California Sun

— Salvi C.

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  1. al

    was at this great show

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