Plan 2012 a Success!


Leader: “Ah, Agents K and S. Report on your plan for Dictators World Domination. As I recall, 2011 and 2010 were very quiet. Was 2012 more of a success?”

Agent K: “Yes, Leader, in previous years, the stupid, stupid humans were resistant to our message, and activity was limited. But we consider 2012 to be one of the best years in many, and it promises future success, which will affect us in the future.”

Leader: “Elaborate.”

Agent S: “2012 saw the formation of the band Manitoba, which brought the loud message to people of the Northeast, Canada and Spain, and which will surely continue to spread the gospel of Faster and Louder. They will ring out 2012 with a huge show at the Bowery Electric on Dec. 31.”

Leader: “Excellent. Is there more?”

Agent K: “2012 also had many efforts towards domination by Andy Shernoff, who brought the quiet message to NYC, played and recorded many new songs, released his first solo cd, and most recently completed his Christmas song, which speaks for many.”

Leader: “More good news. And what of the ones they call Ross the Boss, Thunderbolt and Top Ten?”

Agent S: “Ross the Boss toured South America with his own band, and is the guitar God in Manitoba. Thunderbolt is the drummer and heart of the band Manitoba. They dance to his beat. He also released a Christmas song, and starred in a Capital One commercial that has yet to air. Top Ten played many solo shows in the NYC area, and continued to work on an upcoming Del Lords cd, which will be a triumphant return to action for the band.”  

Leader: “Your report pleases me. Onwards to Plan 2013!”

— Salvi C.

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