Guitarmania — January 16, 1981


Can you imagine how great this might have been? When two guitar monsters face off, declare “we don’t need no stinking vocal mics” and rip through instrumental versions of “Rambling Rose” or “Science Gone Too Far?” Maybe they trade off on the long instrumental break that used to be the prelude to “Two Tub Man,” or dust off “Interstellar Overdrive.”

It could have been a gig for the ages. Unfortunately, Reality kicked Imagination’s a** yet again, and it was merely your garden variety rent party. Brother Wayne had just left Gang War, and was in dire straits financially, allegedly reduced to sleeping in abandoned cars on the LES. Ross had just left Shakin’ Street, and the Dictators reunion, which had kicked off the previous November, was on hold for another few weeks until Richie Teeter cleared his calendar.
RTB’s recollections of the night were succinct —  “Wayne did most of the singing. We did some MC5, some reggae.”

— Salvi C.

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