Dictators at the 9:30 Club, Washington, DC (6/7/91)

Photo credit: Mike Dewey

Photo credit: Mike Dewey

This date in 1991 found our guys on their second weekend road trip of 1991. After a couple of tentative shows in Providence and Boston the prior w/e, this show in Washington, DC, presented a confident and tight band, in one of their best shows of that year.

While we don’t condone bootlegs, we certainly do enjoy them, and this show is one of the very best. It’s from the Ross the Boss Megamix series, with his amp 3 times louder than anyone else on stage. Sometimes these things happen for a reason. This night’s reason was to make sure we could appreciate his Dharma-esque, extended and exciting solos in “Loyola” and “Stay With Me,” the likes of which were unheard before or since. Thrilling stuff.

The undisputed highlight of the gig was their final encore of J. Geils’ “Looking for a Love.” This was the second and final time they ever did the tune, and it’s a damn shame they abandoned it so quickly, because it’s just wonderful — loud and passionate, with RTB and Scott trading off on both the backing vocals and the guitar solos.

— Salvi C.

6/7/91 set list:

1. I Stand Tall
2. Master Race Rock
3. Stay With Me
4. Next Big Thing
5. Weekend
6. Loyola
7. Science Gone Too Far!!
8. Baby Let’s Twist
9. Minnesota Strip
10. Young, Fast, Scientific
11. What Goes On
12. Faster and Louder
13. New York, New York
14. Search and Destroy
15. California Sun
16. Two Tub Man
17. Looking for a Love

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One response to “Dictators at the 9:30 Club, Washington, DC (6/7/91)

  1. Rick D

    So, what would someone need to do if they wanted to see this bootleg that you don’t condone? 🙂

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