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The Next Next Next Big Thing?


Maybe there is hope for our future. At least this video of youngsters performing a Dictators cover has us believing it’s possible the doomsday prognosticators were wrong. These kids from suburban New York’s Westchester School of Rock bring a little edumacation to the masses with their version of “The Next Big Thing,” complete with this-is-just-a-hobby intro rap.

The littlest dude may have the biggest rock & roll ‘tude, but we love that they got the kid with the most ‘fro to take the lead vocals. Check it out:

— DFFD123

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Happy Birthday to the Thunderbolt!


Beat the birthday drums for Dictators/Manitoba’s Wild Kingdom/MANITOBA percussionist extraordinaire, Thunderbolt Patterson!

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Manitoba in Madrid: The Videos

Manitoba El Sol Madrid

Thanks to the extremely good people who make the effort to post their videos at YouTube, we can all vicariously experience the thrill of seeing the guys from Manitoba thrilling the masses in Madrid. Gracias!

Here’s a little “Who Will Save Rock and Roll?” followed by “Faster & Louder” and “Two-Tub Man” — enjoy!

— DFFD123

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Happy Birthday to Andy Shernoff!!

Andy Shernoff

Cheers to Andy Shernoff, who’s celebrating his birthday today!

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WFMU Tribute to Rich Teeter Begins Tonight

WFMU, the greatest radio station in the US of A, is running a 2-part Richie Teeter tribute on the Evan “Funk” Davies show. Part 1 airs tonight at 9pm ET, part 2 will follow next week, same night and time (streaming live over the interwebs). Tonight will feature Richie’s work with the Dictators, next week will be a special airing of some of his tunes as a member of VHF.

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It’s a MANITOBA House Party!!

For this week’s YouTube Tuesday: a little “Pussy and Money,” a lotta “Haircut and Attitude”! Click to watch a bit of MANITOBA’s performance in their Live at Drew’s house concert last weekend in N.J. Full report coming soon …

— DFFD123

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Happy Birthday to Top Ten!!

Happy birthday (Feb. 6) to Dictator and Del-Lord extraordinaire, the great Top Ten himself — Scott Kempner!

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Basking in the Afterglow

MANITOBA photo by Ian Jane
(Photo courtesy of Ian Jane /Rock! Shock! Pop!)

Did you spend the weekend craving a cigarette and some cuddling? If not, then you weren’t at the Manitoba show at the extremely oversold Bowery Electric on Thu 1/26. The lucky attendees have spent the last couple of days looking back in awe.

You thought the Asbury show was great? So did I. Well, this was a quantum leap above the debut. From Note One, the band kicked a** and took names. They were tighter than a mosquito’s tweeter, and there was a ROAR coming from the dueling Gibsons that is almost beyond description. Imagine being on a tarmac without earplugs as a jet plane comes in for a landing — THAT’s what they sound like.

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