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‘Coal for Christmas’

JP “Thunderbolt” Patterson’s brand-spanking new holiday tune, “Coal for Christmas,” is ready to drop. It will be available as a free download at starting on Tuesday, Nov. 27.

We got a sneak preview of the song during a recent visit. It’s a witty tune, anchored by toy piano and sleigh bells, full of great quotes such as “working hard on my business, with St. Nick as my witness.” The intro is reminiscent of Run DMC’s “Christmas in Hollis,” and Dean Rispler’s solo channels the best of Robertson/Gorham.  

Save a slot for the song in between the Kinks’ “Father Christmas” and the Reducers’ “I Ain’t Getting Nothing for Christmas.” It’s a welcome relief from the holiday horrors.

— Salvi C.

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Basking in the Afterglow

MANITOBA photo by Ian Jane
(Photo courtesy of Ian Jane /Rock! Shock! Pop!)

Did you spend the weekend craving a cigarette and some cuddling? If not, then you weren’t at the Manitoba show at the extremely oversold Bowery Electric on Thu 1/26. The lucky attendees have spent the last couple of days looking back in awe.

You thought the Asbury show was great? So did I. Well, this was a quantum leap above the debut. From Note One, the band kicked a** and took names. They were tighter than a mosquito’s tweeter, and there was a ROAR coming from the dueling Gibsons that is almost beyond description. Imagine being on a tarmac without earplugs as a jet plane comes in for a landing — THAT’s what they sound like.

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We know a lot of people want to know how MANITOBA’s New York City debut went last night*, but The DFFD Blog’s official reviewer is still driving up 95 …

Let this video of the band’s amazing power onstage at Bowery Electric suffice in the meantime!

— DFFD123

* Spoiler: It kicked ass!

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Get Ready, NYC!!!

You’ve had 5-plus years of waiting. Wait no more. The loud and the proud returns to Manhattan with the NYC debut of MANITOBA. Tomorrow night’s gig at the Bowery Electric is just about sold out. There are only a few walk-up tickets left, so get there early.

One sea change for long-time followers: the Ross side is now on JP’s right, instead of his left. I know, I know, it’ll take some getting used to. But if we’re lucky, we’ll get the opportunities to make it seem like old hat.

See you there!

— Salvi C.

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Pics: MANITOBA @ Asbury Lanes, 1/13/12

I am not a professional photographer, as will be evident as you check out these pics of MANITOBA’s first time onstage … but, as in most things, I make up in enthusiasm what I lack in talent. If you have better photos, please share!


(Click to enlarge!)

More love for MANITOBA’s debut:

Asbury Park Aftermath
The Party Starts Again!!
The MANITOBA Era Is Nigh!

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Asbury Park Aftermath

The encores were “California Sun” and “Kick Out the Jams.”

If you’re planning a weekend getaway in Asbury Park, we heartily recommend the Empress Hotel on Asbury Ave. It’s retro fancy, clean and cheap, and most importantly, it’s falling down distance from all the music clubs.

Budget at least a couple hours into your stay so you can spend them at the Silverball Museum Arcade, a living museum of pinball history. Your cover fee allows you to play every game in the place. Don’t be surprised if you end up staying until closing, and cancelling all other plans.

Salvi C.


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The Party Starts Again!!

In accordance with the age-old show biz axiom of “Always open out of town,” Manitoba made their world debut on Friday, Jan. 13. The band headlined at Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park, NJ, as part of the “Light the Day” benefit series.

It had been a looooong 5 years since these songs have been performed in the loud and proud, and it was a toss-up as to who was more excited — the band, to finally have the chance to play them, or the audience, who finally had their patience rewarded by being able to hear them. Suffice to say, it was an emotional and cathartic night for everyone in attendance. The supermodel-thin Handsome Dick spoke for everyone in the room when he bellowed, “There’s nowhere I’d rather be than in a bowling alley in New Jersey on a beautiful Friday night!”

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