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‘Having Fun With HDM On Stage’

Having Fun With HDM On Stage

Did you ever sit back and think to yourself, “Gee, this Dics cd is great, but Handsome Dick’s raps are so funny.  I sure wish somebody would compile an album of all his stories!”  Did you?  Well, wish no more, Bunky, because Buffoona D’Aprile Records is proud to present “Having Fun With HDM On Stage,” an all-talking album.  Thrill as HDM enchants, mesmerizes and regales us with his greatest hits:

Grandma’s Spatula
Real Men Don’t Eat Tofu
I Felt Up Linda Ronstadt Once
Grandma’s Spatula Part 2
Teeterboro and Netcong
Boston Sports Fans Are all Wrong
New Jersey – Why?
Grandma’s Spatula (Extended Dance Remix)

These and many more are only available in this limited offer!!  Supply is short, so order yours today!

— Salvi C.

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