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11 Years Ago Today … We Wish YouTube Existed

Reprint courtesy of TheDictators.com:

Manitoba’s, New York City
June 18, 1999
Review by DFFD123
Another day, another birthday, another birthday show, another brief appearance by the Dictators. This time the birthday boy was East Village musician Tom Clark, a friend of the ‘Tators who opened for them at CBGBs a couple of years ago. The Dictators started their set, well, as Manitoba’s Wild Kingdom. In Top Ten’s absence, Ross, Andy, HDM and J.P. performed “The Party Starts Now” and “Had It Coming,” followed by “Sonic Reducer.” And Clark got the ultimate present when he was invited onstage to play rhythm guitar on “Baby, Let’s Twist,” “Stay With Me” and a rollicking version of “California Sun.”

— DFFD123

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YouTube Tuesday: Happy Birthday, Joey Ramone!

On the eve of Joey Ramone’s birthday, let’s remember the happier birthday bashes of the past. Like this one, on May 19, 1998, at Manhattan’s Coney Island High, as the birthday boy himself joins the Dictators for the Who’s “The Kids Are Alright.”

I was there and recall enjoying it immensely, but I do admit that I took it all (seeing Joey, the Dictators, cool music venues in Manhattan) for granted at the time … sigh.

The annual bashes have always been awesome for ‘Tators fans — and this year, Thunderbolt Patterson will be among those representin’. More info:

Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2010

— DFFD123


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Happy Birthday to the Big Dog!

Andy Shernoff

We at The DFFD Blog extend happy birthday wishes today (April 19) to Andy Shernoff!

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What’s Going On: Rich Teeter’s Birthday!

Rich Teeter

The DFFD Blog sends a hearty happy birthday today (March 16) to former Dictators drummer-vocalist extraordinaire Rich Teeter!

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Wishing Top Ten a Birthday Second to None!

Top Ten

Photo by Josh Lewis

The DFFD Blog wishes Scott “Top Ten” Kempner a first-class birthday celebration today (Feb. 6)!

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The Birthday Party Starts Now!!

Handsome Dick Manitoba

Photo by Yannick Perrin

Rejoice, for today (Jan. 29) is the anniversary of the King of Men’s birth! The DFFD Blog joins HDM’s legions of devotees worldwide in wishing him a most resplendent birthday celebration.

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Happy Birthday, J.P.! That’s What We Said.

J.P. "Thunderbolt" Patterson

The DFFD Blog lifts one beverage in celebration of Mr. J.P. “Thunderbolt” Patterson on the anniversary of his birth (Jan. 6)!

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All Hail Today’s Birthday Boy!


The DFFD Blog wishes Ross the Boss a very happy birthday today (Jan. 3)!

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