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‘Tators Tracker: Mid-January Roll Call Edition

Roll callDictators roll call!

In random order, and with info courtesy of our friends over at TheDictators.com, here’s who’s been doing what and where and when:

Thunderbolt Patterson

Handsome Dick Manitoba

  • Performing two songs at the Continental in NYC on Sunday night (midnight with CJ Ramone and Daniel Rey, 12:30 a.m. with Cheetah Chrome)
  • Interviewing Cheetah Chrome for his radio program
  • Wrote the introduction to Clifford Meth’s Whorehouse Madrigals, available now for preorder
  • Massachusetts teens record tribute tune
  • Caught by the New York Times catching the Care Bears on Fire with his son, Jake

Andy Shernoff

Scott Kempner

Ross the Boss

— DFFD123


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