Ffanzeen’s Dictators Double Take

Robert Barry Francos’ Ffanzeen blog features new goodies as well as archival treasures from his New York music magazine, which he published from 1977 to 1988.

A couple of weeks ago, he delivered a couple of oldies and goodies for Dics fans in a post called “The Dictators Can Sing! Two early pieces on the DFFD band.”

The first is a 1977 live report by Todd Abramson (now co-owner of Maxwell’s in Hoboken, N.J.) of an unannounced CBGB’s show, during which the band performed songs from the upcoming Bloodbrothers album:

“It was more than magic, I can’t even explain it. Adny had told me that these were the ‘best, loudest, fastest, teenagiest’ songs he’d ever written and yes, the new LP would be even better than the first LP. But that was just too far out, I mean, I thought how could ANYTHING be better than the first LP (that made a man outta me, by the way)? But it’s fucking true! Just check out some of these new songs. One’s called ‘Let’s Twist,’ which you can tell how great it is by the title, but it’s even greater than that! Another song, ‘Minnesota Strip,’ is even greater!!!”

The second is a 1980 interview by Barry Geiger, called “The Last Big Thing: The Very Last Dictators Interview”:

Scott Kempner:Go Girl Crazy was like the product of years and years of ambition and ideas and something we all wanted to do. At the time, we thought we were making the greatest, newest, the most different rock’n’roll album — the rock’n’roll album every kid wanted; they didn’t.”

Both are awesomely illuminating and one even features quotes from the Shernoff ‘rents! Go read the rest, and all the other cool stuff, at Ffanzeen: Rock’n’Roll Attitude With Integrity.

— DFFD123

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