Manitoba Monday: Simply the Best

Start off your week in style, courtesy of the King of Men.

From a memorable, quote-filled (“How can you learn anything when you’re all talking?”) Dictators show 11 years ago this past weekend:

“Remember, I’m the best there is,
 I’m the best there ever was, 
and I’m the best there will ever be!!”

Handsome Dick Manitoba

Brighton Bar,
Long Branch, N.J.
Feb. 20, 1999


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5 responses to “Manitoba Monday: Simply the Best

  1. JMQ

    Oh man that is funny and is triggering the memory synapses. Me and my bro were at those BB shows and you are correct – the HDM banter was stellar that night.

  2. DFFD123

    JMQ! Long time no hear! If I remember correctly, you wrote up a review for the DFFD Tribute to the Dictators that night … yes, I checked the archives. You did indeed. Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      Yup thats me and those are my videos of Stay and Faster on youtube under phototrav57 shot at the BB. Not sure if the vids are from the same HDM hyperquote show. Glad I found this blog, as I will be at Andy’s show in Bordentown on 3/12. This has also has motivated me to pull out those tapes (also have one from The Court Tavern) and post more vids when I find the time. Also just found a cool B&W photo of Scott taken at an Irving Plaza show I will scan and upload to flickr. I’ll let you know.

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