Review: Return to Connecticut

Andy at Cafe Nine

Photo by Matt Friedlander

The Andy Shernoff road revue made a second visit to Café Nine in New Haven last night. The wet and foggy conditions made for a little smaller crowd, but what was lacking in numbers was more than made up for by the enthusiasm of the lucky few.

Andy was in fine form. Very relaxed and cracking jokes all night, we got to see a goofy side that’s usually hidden. “Haircut and Attitude” got new lyrics of both “hairstyle” and then “mullet and attitude!” “Weekend” made its acoustic debut, as did a previously unheard collaboration between Joey Ramone and Andy, called either “The Island Song” or “You Make Me Tremble.”

The next gig on the dance card will be Friday, March 12, at The Record Collector in Bordentown, N.J.

Last night’s song list:

New York, New York
Master Race Rock
Find Something Beautiful
Baby Let’s Twist
Stay With Me
Haircut and Attitude
Chinese B***h
Stop Thinking About It
Who Will Save Rock and Roll

— Salvi C.

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